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The Ayurveda, The Dhanurveda, The Ghandarva Veda and The Sthapatya Veda

The Four Veda’s also has each supplementary of it respectively i.e. The Ayurveda, The Dhanurveda, The Ghandarva Veda and The Sthapatya Veda.
The Vedic Astrology was developed most in the Atharvaveda, it also has lots from other 3 Vedas too.

The Vedic Astrology is a scientific study and application of the language of the heavenly bodies, determined based on astronomy and mathematics, are mapped in the form of kundali (horoscope).

At the Vedic Enlightenment our motto is to give you all the guidance and knowledge related to your kundali (horoscope). So, you can always self-direct yourself to the life path for best harmony in your life and to keep making a constant progress towards it.

We take utmost care while creating your specific horoscope in detail which is bespoke to yourself and we guide you with all our prayers and wisdom we been provided by the god for doing this service.

The ultimate truth is The Vedic Astrology, is a genuine companion and guide for our life journey. When we understand the purpose of our life and reason who we are and why we are, then channelising our energy accordingly helps us to live a best harmonious, healthy, victorious, and contented life.

Karma, Horoscope, Ayurveda

Deeds (Karma)
A very common question comes to our mind “Two people gets birth in the same city, same date and same time, why their life is completely different”?
Its due to the principle of Karma (deeds). Shrimad Bhagwat Gita says that the soul is everlasting, it never dies. As we change our clothes when they get old, similarly soul changes body when it gets old and weak. These process keeps going throughout the life of a soul and soul is everlasting as per the Indian philosophy. An individual body dies but the soul is always alive. The soul retransforms from one body to another. The soul does not take anything with it but the person’s deeds that he does goes with the soul. Thus, an individual has to suffer good or bad deeds that he has done during his life.

Human perform deeds in each birth, Vedas treat these deeds as very important aspect. Which a new birth the body of the soul is left behind but the deeds flow with the soul. All deeds done by human affects their present and future. With the understanding of your kundli (horoscope) you understand many aspects of your life, so it helps you to lead a better life as oneself improves, with right thoughts and actions. Also when one does some penance of his previous deeds during this time of obstacle, then he can get peace and relief to some extent.

Horoscope (Kundali)
Kundali (Horoscope) is made on the basis of planetary position, yoga (combination), tithi, constellations etc. at the time of birth. This tells the direction and the life path of that individual. An individual’s behaviour, action, good or bad can be known. It also tells about the malefic position and aspects of life. Also because of the deeds performed in the previous life there are few auspicious and few in-auspicious positions due to this phenomenon. So, with the Vedic astrology one is able to understand his life path so he can channelise it to the optimum and to performs good karma (deeds).
Ayurveda for the benefit of all beings
The vision of The Vedic Enlightenment is to provide you with all the tools to bring you a greater happiness which life has planned for you to relish and enjoy as you progress on the path of your life journey.
There is no short cut to success, half knowledge is not good and there is no magic wand which will solve all your problems.

We are not regular astrologers to guide you just one off. We aim to guide you throughout your life journey as long as you want us to, so our methodology is to be a genuine mentors and guide for anyone who is coming to us for seeking guidance.

Graha’s (Planets)

The Graha’s (Planets) in Vedic astrology representing numerous traits and features that reveals our deepest secrets, desires, multiple faces, personalities, likes, dislikes, interests, and regrets.

Graha’s (Planets) in solar system are revolving around Sun in a predefined pattern. That is how we know when to wake up and when to go to bed. Graha’s (Planets) however govern a lot more than just occurrence of day and night or eclipses and tides. Graha’s (Planets) are several light years away still they have a direct impact on us. While the position of planets does not dictate our everyday actions, it does have a profound and close influence on our life and destiny.

Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

01 Bhava

Lagna or Tanu Bhava i.e. Ascendant represents head, ego, oneself, body, prosperity, health, self-expression, physical traits, personality and the graha (planet) Surya (Sun) is the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

02 Bhava

Dhana Bhava represents gathering, speech, youth, livelihood, financial success through career, taste preferences, food, poetry/art, ability to operate, expressive power and the graha (planet) Brihaspati (Jupiter) is the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

03 Bhava

Bratru Bhava represents curiosity, motivation, interest, power, brother, friends, life energy, intention, will, passion, ambition, zeal, impulsiveness, sports, hobbies and the graha (planet) Mangal (Mars) is the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

04 Bhava

Sukha Bhava represents emotions, mind, upbringing, refinement, happiness, property, education, popularity, land acquisition, masses, vehicles, capacity to relax and the graha (planet) Chandra (Moon) is the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

05 Bhava

Putra Bhava represents creative intelligence, romance, games, children, education, speculation, past life credit, spiritual practices and the graha (planet) Brihaspati (Jupiter) is the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

06 Bhava

Shatru Bhava represents health and diseases, foreigners, pets, fighting illness, immune system, our capacity to work hard and overcome physical obstacles/enemies and and the graha’s (planets) Mangal (Mars) and Shani (Saturn) are the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

07 Bhava

Kalatra Bhava represents general relations with others, long term romantic relationships and business associates. As it is the opposite of Lagna (Ascendant), it reflects over things we feel most drawn towards and challenged and the graha (planet) Shukra (Venus) are the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

08 Bhava

Ayur Bhava represents occult, dark/hidden side of life, sensuality, death, longevity, destruction/regeneration, research, mortality and the graha’s (planets) Saturn (Shani) is the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

09 Bhava

Bhagya Bhava represents grace, dharma (life purpose), religious, philosophical, or ethical principles of life operating in the world and shaping our life events. It is termed as the luckiest house and the graha’s (planets) Brihaspati (Jupiter) is the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

10 Bhava

Karma Bhava represents public status, material achievement, skill, career, success, politics and the graha’s (planets) Bhudh (Mercury) and Brihaspati (Jupiter) are the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

11 Bhava

Labha Bhava represents our ability to project our brilliance on the world, aspirations, goals, friendship, impulses, financial and material gains, excess and abundance and the graha’s (planets) Brihaspati (Jupiter) is the significator.
Bhava (House)
Bhava (House)

12 Bhava

Vyaya Bhava represents subconscious mind, liberation, foreign journeys, hidden nature, loss, wastage of energy, native negated by difficulties and sorrows and the graha’s (planets), Shani (Saturn) and Brihaspati (Jupiter) are the significator.
  • 01
    Bhava (House)
  • 02
    Bhava (House)
  • 03
    Bhava (House)
  • 04
    Bhava (House)
  • 05
    Bhava (House)
  • 06
    Bhava (House)
  • 07
    Bhava (House)
  • 08
    Bhava (House)
  • 09
    Bhava (House)
  • 10
    Bhava (House)
  • 11
    Bhava (House)
  • 12
    Bhava (House)
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Our Pricing

Full Comprehensive Detailed Report
(Including any TWO questions you may have)
$100 / £100 / INR 10000
Rashi, Lagna, Nakshatra
Ascendant Lord, Star Lord
Melefics and benefics, Planetary Positions
Various Charts, Key Points from your kundli
Your personality, Your Hidden Secrets
Your life details, Character, Life Style
C-areer, Occupation, Health, Hobbies
Love Matters, Finance, Education
Health Status, Wealth and Prosperity
Disease, Debt and Enemies, Mind Intelligence
Marriage / Partners, Longevity / Difficulties
Expenditure, Special Yogas, Family, Luck
Auspicious Place, Life Remedies, Yantra, Dosha
Dosha, Dosha Remedies, Profession, Income
Mahadasha results, Antardasha results
Full Comprehensive Detailed Report
(Including any FIVE questions you may have)
/ $200 / £200 / INR 20000
Your Kundli / Horoscope will be comprehensively interpreted to forecast the expected happenings & changes. What is important is that, in case of bad events / happenings, you are cautioned before-handed. You can take suitable steps to prepare yourself and then avoid them as much as it is possible. So, you will get a full comprehensive report that will contain predictions for the 1 years as per astrological calculations for the year.
Monthly Guidance and Mentoring
(30 minutes consultation per week)/ $500 / £500 / INR 50000
In monthly guidance we let you the favourable time for specific auspicious work to enhance the fruit of your hard work on the day. Also, you will get the list of important dates based on your kundli / horoscope. We will mentor you throughout with the all insight and wisdom from the Vedic Astrology. You will be given specific mantra and remedies to enhance each day so you can achieve best from your life what it has to offer.


Learning Vedic Astrology
Are you interested in learning the Vedic Astrology?
  • At the Vedic Enlightenment we provide very comprehensive and in detail learning of Vedic Astrology.
  • Where in you learn from A to Z, and with the regular practice and blessings of the almighty god you will become a specialist.
  • This course is not for everyone, you have to be dedicated during the classes but also you need to invest further time in self learning and practice what has be taught in the class.
  • Our aim is you to become a learned and truthful astrologer.
  • The course will take 18 months to complete.
  • Its only on the weekend Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours each which includes Q &A and open discussion in detail as we learn and progress.
  • It will be live learning via video and screen share, so you can be in any part of the world and can attend and learn.
  • At the end of every class the recordings of the previous classes will be available for access on the following day.
  • You do not need to buy any books we will provide all the required course work as we progress with learning week on week.

The course fees £1500

(The Batch consist of no more than 10 student and minimum of 5. It is very important to have minimum 5 students so its interactive and also, we learn much better together, as everyone comes with different perspectives and queries which helps us all)

Course will be from 4am to 7am GMT on Saturday and Sunday.

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